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Third Generation

M45 M62 M90

Fourth Generation

MP45 MP62 MP90 MP112


The Eaton Model 90 supercharger was engineered for 3.0L to 5.7L passenger cars and light truck engines. It was designed as a compact, flexible supercharger for increased power without adversely affecting fuel economy. The M90 has proven to be suitable for other engine sizes depending on overall system requirements.

  • Most installations see a realistic 40% plus increase in power output.

  • Eaton Superchargers will work effectively in any orientation (Flat, upside down, on edge). 

  • Different length drives are available, giving the custom installer flexibility in the placement of the supercharger.

  • The M90 is available for counter rotating engines (2 Piece Drive).

  • A Bypass Valve is included with every supercharger, two different Bypass Valves are available, one that mounts directly on the intake port, and one for remote mount.

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