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Fuel Regulators

Vortech Rising Rate Fuel Regulators
The Vortech Fuel Management Unit is designed for use on multi point electronic fuel injected engines. It is a secondary fuel regulator which installs in series with a stock regulator on the return line to the fuel tank. The unit increases fuel pressure in proportion to boost pressure. There are several different ratings of FMU with rising rates in the order of 6:1, 8:1 and 10:1 being available for demanding fuelling conditions.

It is important that the rest of your fuel system including your fuel pump and the condition of the fuel lines are up to the increased demand of your FMU.

FMU Operating Description
In Summary, the FMU backs up line pressure at the given rate for this example 10:1, therefore if the original regulator still in place holds a rail pressure of 40psi, it will take 4psi of boost for the FMU to raise pressure to 40psi. At this point there still will be no effect at the rail pressure simply because most factory regulators also raise fuel pressure at 1lbs of fuel pressure per 1lbs of boost. So you would have 44 lbs in the fuel rail and 40 psi between the FMU and the original Reg. But at 5lbs of boost you would then have 50psi held by the FMU thus raising the rail pressure by 5psi. Then at 6lbs of boost you would have 60lbs at the FMU and 46lbs held by the original reg, thus raising the fuel pressure by 14psi. This process will increase as boost increases. CAPA does not recommend running fuel pressure any higher than 90psi. Precautions must be taken to ensure that all fuel system components are capable of operating at these high pressures.
Vortech Spring Loaded FMU
Vortech's spring loaded FMU also consists of a pre tensioned spring to raise fuel pressure instantly with boost to fill a void at low boost. It is ideal when vehicles require extra fuel at around 0-2 psi of boost which the standard FMU is sometimes unable to provide. Standard FMUs can also be retrofitted with the lid and spring assembly.
Vortech Rising Rate Fuel Regulator Minor repair kit

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