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News & Media

Industrial Compressors with Charge Air Cooling - 6th August 2019
For Oil Refinery and General Industry Air Requirements.
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Vortron Product Photos - 17 July 2019
Photos of a Vortron Z40e Industrial Supercharger and 59" Dual Entry Air Knife. The Vortron Supercharger is powered by a 15kW motor and is connected to 4 Air Knifes. This system is used on a conveyor line to dry fruit.



Vortron Product Photos - 19 April 2018

Photos of a Vortron Z40e Industrial Supercharger and Air Nozzles. This system was set up on a conveyor line to dry buckets in a meat packaging plant.



Vortron Product Photos - 3 April 2013

Some photos of the Vortron Z80 Industrial Superchargers and an Air Nozzle Assemby. Superchargers were manufactured for a mining company to blow ice off conveyer belts.



Vortron Industrial Website Launch - 30 January 2013

Welcome to our industrial section of our website, where you can find information about our Industrial Centrifugul Superchargers and Related Products for a wide range of Applications!

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