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Air Filters

ECO Air Filters


  • Light Weight.
  • Sturdy.
  • One Piece Construction.
  • Dust and Debris remain contained in disposable housing.
  • Water resistant filter media.

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Eco Air Filters
AIR-FIL5IN-1 5" 9.67" 20.2" End
AIR-FIL5IN-2 5" 9.70" 18.1" Side
AIR-FIL6IN-1 6" 9.75" 24" Side
AIR-FIL7IN-1 7" 11" 24" Side
AIR-FIL7IN-1 7" 13.5" 24" Grid Side

Heavy Duty Air Filters


  • Washable and Reusable.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Outstanding Filtration.
  • No Oil Required.

Our line of Heavy Duty commercial grade air filters are washable and have been specially engineered for heavy duty equipment. They use a new hybrid filtration medium that's incredibly easy to clean. They can be washed using power sprayers, pressure washers or standard truck washing equipment and they do not require the use of oil. Instead of repeatedly throwing away expensive disposable air filters, now you have a choice. A washable air filter designed to improve engine performance will now make air filter maintenance a snap.

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Heavy Duty Air Filters
AIR-HD4IN-1 4" 7.75" 15.938" End
AIR-HD5IN-1 5" 9.75" 17.5", End
AIR-HD5IN-2 5" 10" 17.5" Side
AIR-HD6IN-1 6" 9.75" 24" Side
AIR-HD7IN-1 7" 11" 18" Side
AIR-HD7IN-2 7" 11" 24.125" Side
Heavy Duty Air Filters - Reverse Flow
AIR-HD6IN-1R 6" 9.75" 24" Side
AIR-HD7IN-1R 7" 11" 18" Side
AIR-HD7IN-2R 7" 11" 24.125" Side

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