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Supercharger Kits

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VE L-98 6.0L & LS3
VZ L-76 6.0L
HSV LS-2 6.0L
VT - VY LS-1 5.7L
VE V6 3.6L
VZ V6 3.6L
VN - VT 5.0 - 5.7L
VS - VY 3.8L Ecotec
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FG XR8/GT 5.4L
BA - BF XR8/GT 5.4L
BA - BF 3V 5.4L
BA - BF 6cyl 4.0L
Territory 6cyl 4.0L
EB - AU 5.0 - 5.8L
Imported Ford Kits
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FT-86 / BRZ

Chrysler / Dodge

300C SRT8
Dodge Magnum
Charger (New Model)
Challenger SRT8
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Carburetted Kits

Small Block Chev
Big Block Chev
Ford Mustang
Small Block Mopar
Big Block Mopar
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H3 3.7L
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Universal Parts
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Ford Mustang
GM Cars
GM Trucks
Small Block, Big Block Chev
Nissan 350Z
FT-86 / BRZ


Ford Mustang
Ford Truck
Carburetted Mustangs
GM Truck & SUV
Dodge Viper
Dodge Trucks & SUVs
Classic Mopar Carburetted
CAPA Bolt On Blower Kits have all been fully designed and engineered in Australia to fit Australian delivered vehicles.

We make sure we own every vehicle that we develop the kits for and put them through rigorous testing procedures to be certain that all of changes we make keep the original manufacturers durability while offering some massive gains in performance. As with all other CAPA products we have engineered the maximum possible power gain while still meeting legislated emission targets.

We pride ourselves on supplying you the customer a COMPLETE kit the first time EVERY time, and of course ON TIME. There is no waiting for additional components, and no need to purchase ANY OTHER PART to make a CAPA kit work as we claim. This includes every last nut and bolt up to and including professionally developed CAPA Memmaster engine management software should your kit require it.

Due to changing government regulations on a state and federal basis, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure any kit purchased complies with all necessary regulations.

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