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Custom Supercharger Kits


CAPA can supply a range of parts to allow you to custom install one of our Powerdyne or Vortech superchargers onto your own car. Take for instance our extensive hardware collection - from pulleys to tensioners, ducting and rubber tubing we have all the parts you will need. 

We even have the miscellaneous parts that you thought you could never get all from the same place...such as general mounting hardware and even air filters and universal water injection tanks.

We have also made a wide range of different brackets to suit our blowers that allow you to make sure that there is a CAPA bracket to suit your custom installation. For example we have two different off the shelf brackets for the Powerdyne...


and another three for the Vortech which allow you basically any blower orientation that you could dream of  


Paxton Carby Hat w/Injector Mounts

Satin Finish, 3" Inlet. Suitable for Carburetted Vehicles. Recommended Retail price $220.00.


Draw - Blow Through Carby Blower Kits

CAPA don't just specialise in late model EFI supercharger applications. Its only natural that a company such as ours would have its roots in the cutting edge of drag racing applications where the 4 barrel carburettor still rules supreme.

With this in mind CAPA have engineered some extremely quick Centrifugally supercharged carburetted V8 engines using the 4 barrel carby mounted on the inlet of the blower in a classic 'suck through' layout. One of the big advantages here is that the fuel from the carby acts as an intercooler for the inlet charge, while the supercharger helps atomise the fuel far more efficiently than just the carby alone.

Whether you have a workhorse or a track weapon that spends most of its life literally on the tire you can count on CAPA to engineer your installation and supply all of the parts required off the shelf.

More Information on the Vortech Carburettor Enclosure is available here.

Universal Chev Carburettor Kit information is available here.

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