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Home > Supercharger Kits > Ford USA Supercharger Kits > 2016-17 5.2L Ford Mustang GT350 Vortech Kits

Ford USA Supercharger Kits

2016-2017 5.2L Ford Mustang GT350 Vortech Supercharger Kits

Vortech's Ford 5.2L Shelby GT350 Supercharger Systems are available as a Tuner Kit (2016-2017) for custom installations for all applications, being stock, modified vehicles, or higher horsepower applications.

The new GT350 system uses Vortech's V-3 SCi supercharger. Continued development in Vortech's Lab resulted in the V-3 SCi. The "i" stands for improved and with its new patented oil control system and state of the art centrifugal compressor stage this V-3 literally blows away the competition. Industry leading 75% adiabatic efficiency [SAE J1723 standard] means less heat is being generated, drive power is reduced and more net power is produced. Less heat also means better durability.

Centrifugal superchargers easily make more pressure and flow than a roots type blower and are much more efficient. Vortech supercharger systems are a great value. Dollar for dollar, Vortech systems deliver more horsepower than virtually any other method of upgrade. Also, driven normally, gas mileage often increases rather than decreases.

Tuner Kits, Upgrades, More HP
For higher-horsepower, custom-tuned installations we recommend a tuner kit, which does not include a fuel pump, fuel injectors or ECU programmer. This requires you or your installer to provide custom calibration and the required fuel components. The V-3 SCi supercharger included with the tuner kit is capable of up to 775HP on modified vehicles. Tuner kits are also available with the 1,000HP V-2 Ti supercharger for high-performance racing vehicles. Call Vortech or your dealer for more information.

Black Finish Systems
For that fully integrated look, 5.0 Mustang systems are available in factory matching black finish. Polished units are also available.

Included Components and Features

  • V-3 SCi compressor with 3.80" drive pulley
  • 6.0-6.5 psig @ redline on stock engine
  • High-flow carbon fiber inlet duct. Mates to OEM airbox
  • OEM replacement K&N panel filter
  • Silicone sleeves and reducers
  • Stainless steel clamps
  • PCV and breather hose provisions
  • Replacement engine coolant pipe and hose assemblies
  • Engine coolant reservoir replacement assembly
  • Dual plate supercharger mounting system includes idlers, drive belt and all hardware. Mount features multiple position idler location for a wide range of belt and pulley fits.
  • High flow air/air charge cooler. 24" x 13" x 3.5" cooler core.
  • Mandrel bent 3" and 3.5" aluminum charge tubes for high flow and minimal weight
  • 98mm MAF housing configured for "blow-through" use.
  • Integrated air-straightener upstream of the MAF housing.
  • Vortech Maxflow Race Bypass Valve with filter
Installation time is rated at 8-10 hours.

Installation Manuals:
2016 Ford 5.2L Shelby GT350


2016-2017 5.2L Ford Mustang GT350 Vortech Supercharger Kits    
Tuner Kit, 2016 Mustang GT350 5.2L, V-3 SCi, w/Air-to-Air Charge Cooler, Satin 75 $12619.00
Tuner Kit, 2016 Mustang GT350 5.2L, V-3 SCi, w/Air-to-Air Charge Cooler, Black 75 $13019.00
Tuner Kit, 2016 Mustang GT350 5.2L, V-3 SCi, w/Air-to-Air Charge Cooler, Pol. 75 $13019.00
NOTE: Tuner Kits Require Fuel System and Tuning for a Complete Installation.    
NOTE: Prices do not include Freight. Please contact us for pricing.    

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