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Home > Supercharger Kits > Chevrolet / GM Supercharger Kits > Entry-Level Small Block Chev with Power Hat Vortech Kits

Chevrolet / GM Supercharger Kits

Entry-Level Small Block Chev w/ Power Hat Vortech Supercharger Kits

Add up to 75% more horsepower to your Small Block Chevy at a low cost with the entry level supercharger kit, featuring the Vortech PowerHat with diffusion technology.

System Dimensions

This is an entry-level "universal" supercharger kit designed for vehicles equipped with carbureted small block Chevrolet engines. Integrates with many existing OEM drive configurations.

This kit requires the installer to supply a high volume fuel pump and properly jetted Holley 4150-type carburettor unit (with mechanical secondaries). Minor (bottom-side) hood support modifications may be required depending upon the vehicle and type of intake manifold installed on the engine.

Most OEM Saginaw type power steering pumps can be attached to the Vortech mounting bracket using the supplied hardware in the kit.

Supplied pulley ratio will produce approximately 7-9 psi at 5500 rpm on a mildly modified 350” engine

Horsepower gains:
30-75%+ (depending on boost levels, engine volumetric efficiency etc.)

Installation time:
4-10 hours depending on application

This system was designed to fit on engines equipped with a “long” water pump and OEM V-belt drives or serpentine accessory drives (OEM TPI / TBI applications, 1990-1995 and GM Performance Parts accessory drive system #’s 12497697, 12497698 and 12497869). For correct belt alignment, the proper accessory drive crank pulley and accessory bracketry must be used. These components are not supplied in this kit. Earlier models equipped with short water pumps will require a long water pump to be installed.

The supplied supercharger discharge tube is intended to fit a wide range of manifold heights; however, applications equipped with “high-rise” intake manifolds may require minor adjustment/trimming for optimum fit.

This kit can be used on engines with and without power steering. For engines equipped with power steering and V-belt accessory drives, a Saginaw style pump will be required as well as an optional Vortech power steering pulley assembly. This assembly includes all required hardware, tensioner assembly and anodized billet aluminum pulley. Depending on the vehicle, power steering lines may require fabrication. Optional Vortech power steering pulley and hardware assembly: 4GP110-051.

Included Components and Features
  • V3 Si-trim supercharger with 3.33” 6-rib pulley (CW rotation, curved discharge, driver side mount)
  • Cast aluminum base mounting bracket with all necessary hardware
  • 3/8” thick nickel plated steel mounting plate for rigid supercharger attachment
  • Supercharger drive assembly
    • Integrated manual belt tensioner with sealed bearing tensioner pulley and 6-rib belt
    • Billet aluminum 6-rib supercharger crank pulley with hard anodize finish (6” diameter)
    • Two crank pulley spacers- one compatible with the OEM serpentine drive and the other compatible with v-groove style accessory drives
    • High-grade mounting hardware
  • Supercharger air inlet filter
  • Mandrel bent aluminum discharge tube with clamps and silicone sleeves
  • Cast aluminum carburetor bonnet assembly
    • Unique low-profile design measures only 3.2” tall (overall height) and permits near-360 degree rotation for universal fitment
    • Integrated air management features and diffuser element reduce jetting and other issues associated with traditional “carby hats”
    • 3” diameter inlet port
    • Includes sealing gaskets all necessary mounting hardware for attachment to Holley 4150-type carburetors
Required Components (Not Included)

Major components that are not included, but are necessary for proper system function and are to be supplied by the installer
  • Quickfuel, Demon or Holley 4150-type 4 barrel carburetor with mechanical secondaries; designed for “blow-though” applications (may require rejetting/minor modification). Recommended carburetor for most applications: Quickfuel p/n Q-750-BAN.
  • High-performance, boost referenced fuel pump
  • Compressor bypass valve (see below for options available from Vortech)
  • Accessory belts (will vary per application depending on accessory configuration and supercharger pulley diameters)
Optional components:

The following is a list of items that are not included, but may be purchased separately
  • Power steering pulley and hardware assembly, as described above. Vortech # 4GP110-051.
  • 10-rib supercharger drive upgrade assemblies. Including drive belt, hardware, billet aluminum idler assembly and 6” diameter crank pulley. Various size driven pulleys to choose from (contact Vortech technical department for proper application match)
    • Vortech # 8E025-312: assembly with 10-rib 3.12“ diameter driven pulley
    • Vortech # 8E025-295: assembly with 10-rib 2.95“ diameter driven pulley
    • Vortech # 8E025-275: assembly with 10-rib 2.75“ diameter driven pulley
  • A compressor bypass valve is suggested for all applications exceeding 5 psig boost. Below is a selection of components available (contact us to determine the proper valve selection for the specific application)
    • Vortech # 8D204-001 Race bypass valve
    • Vortech # 8D004-052 Race bypass weld-on flange (aluminum)
    • Vortech # 8D103-001 Mondo bypass valve
    • Vortech # 8D003-052 Mondo bypass weld-on flange (aluminum)
    • Vortech # 8D205-003 BV57 bypass valve
    • Vortech # 8D005-051 BV57 bypass weld-on flange (aluminum)
  • Aftermarket ignition amplifier (not required, but recommended): MSD 6A ignition amplifier box or equivalent
Installation Manuals:
Universal Small Block Chevy Carbureted System

Universal GM Small Block Carburetted Vortech Supercharger Kits    
SB Chev Carb Kit, Entry V3-Si, Sat 73 $5439.00
SB Chev Carb Kit, Entry V3-Si, Black 73 $6359.00
NOTE: Fuel Lines & Ignition Components may be required for a Complete Installation.    
NOTE: Prices do not include Freight. Please contact us for pricing.    

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