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LS-1 Crate Engines Now Available SOLD OUT
19th April, 2012
  • Just Landed, Brand New LS-1 5.7L Corvette Crate Engines.
  • Great for engine conversions
  • Can also be used in LS-1 Commodores (after changing over your existing Water Pump, Balancer, Throttle Body, Sump and Pickup).
  • Other Parts are available, Contact us for more information.

New Products For January
25th January, 2012

Our Specials Page has been updated.

Carby Supercharger Kits Page Updated - New Lower Priced Kits Now Available!
FG Front Mount Intercoolers
FG Cold Air Intakes for XR6 Turbo and XR8

Please Note, we will be closed on Thursday 26th (Australia Day) and Friday 27th of January.

2008 3.7L Hummer H3 I5 Supercharging System Now Available!.
21st October, 2011
180 kW
328 Nm
254 kW
516 Nm
  • 3.33" driven pulley
  • Fuel system upgrade includes replacement fuel injectors with "plug-and-play" injector harness
  • Tuning Required, please contact CAPA for more information.
  • Air inlet assembly features a molded air inlet cover with Vortech logo and large diameter MAF housing
  • Stainless steel replacement engine coolant pipe
  • Billet aluminum supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes idler, drive belt and all hardware
  • Air/water charge cooler system. Charge cooler assembly includes:
    • Welded aluminum charge cooler core with discharge tubes, Bosch compressor bypass valve, silicone elbow, sleeves and stainless steel clamps
    • All necessary tubes, hoses, clamps and plumbing
    • Compact water circulation pump for closed loop cooling
    • Highly effective water cooler
  • Supercharger kit installation time is rated at 11-13 hours.
  • NOTE: Transmission shift kit upgrade is strongly recommended for satisfactory transmission life
Ian's Vortech Supercharged LS-1 BMW
24th May, 2011
Ian's 530hp E36 BMW features an LS-1 Driveline, Vortech Supercharger and Plenty of Custom work throughout. Click Here to read the article (PDF).

Toyota Landcruiser 4.7L V8 Kit Revision
31st March, 2011
We have completely redeveloped the Landcruiser V8 Supercharger Kit with Improved Bracketry and Vortech Sealed Supercharger. Tuning is also available with the addition of a Haltech Interceptor.

Click Here for more information.

Big Shaun's Monaro - Spring Horsepower Challenge
1st February, 2011

MP122 Supercharger Kit Clearance SOLD OUT
14th January, 2011
CAPA’s Unbeatable Deal on Eaton Supercharger Kits!
  • Cheapest Eaton Kit on the Market!
  • Includes Water to Air Intercooler.
  • 5th Generation MP122 Supercharger with integral bypass valve.
  • Includes all brackets, connectors and hardware required.
  • Cast aluminium intake manifold.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Satin Finish.
Available for the following vehicles:
  • VT-VY LS-1 5.7L
  • VZ LS-1 5.7L*
  • VZ HSV LS-2
We only have 4 of these kits left. Magnuson have ceased manufacturing the MP122 kit, so this is the last of them. You won’t get a cheaper Positive Displacement Supercharger Kit for your Commodore. Tuning is required. Give us a call for more information (08) 8582 3499. * VZ 5.7L requires fitment of 6.0L Throttle Body and Adapter Loom

More photos of the supercharger available here:
New Vortech Superchargers Now Available
17th September, 2010
We recently recieved Vortech's newest supercharger, the V-28 '123-Trim'.
This Supercharger features a 4.21 step-up, a 123mm Inlet and is capable of producing over 2000 Rear Wheel Horsepower.

Other than the Inlet Size, dimensions are similar to the V28-130. We took some photos of a V-28 supercharger next to a V-7 to give you an idea of how huge this Supercharger really is!

For more information on the V-20 Series of Superchargers, please give us a call.

Congratulations Neil
13th July, 2010
As sponsors of the WSID Super Sedan Series for 2010, we would like to congratulate Neil and the team at 427 Racing for winning the series.
New Rear Pulley Upgrade for Eaton Supercharger Kits
6th May, 2010
Now Available. Includes 2 Gilmer Pulleys, Gilmer Belt and Bolts.
CAPA Silicone Hose
6th May, 2010
8 different hoses perfect for supercharged applications. Hoses are Black with the CAPA Performance logo printed on them.  
New Reduced Pricing on Eaton Supercharger Kits
9th March, 2010
We have decided to reduce the pricing on our Eaton Supercharger Kits.

We have also updated the prices on the supercharger kits pages to reflect this.
Holiday Closure - January 25th & 26th
21st January, 2010
CAPA will be closed on the Monday, 25th of January and Tuesday, 26th of January (Australia Day).

CAPA Diesel Power Tuners
18th December, 2009
Coming Soon!!!

CAPA will be releasing a range of diesel tuning solutions incorporating latest European technology. Tuners will be pre-programmed with plug and drive connectors for ease of installation. It is also laptop programmable for custom installations where boost increases and other modifications can be tuned in for optimum performance.

The Tuners will cover most Diesel vehicles. CAPA is currently testing and developing these specifically for Australia.

Call CAPA for more details on this exciting new product range.

VE CAPA OTR Cold Air Intake
12th November, 2009
It’s here the CAPA VE OTR Cold Air Intake. This OTR Comes as a complete kit with all the parts required Filter, Clamps, Silicon, Etc. This OTR Can Be fitted to use Maf or Mafless Tuning.

Note: An air sensor tube is required for mafless tune vehicles. Contact CAPA for more information.

Note: Vehicles with Active Fuel Management (AFM) will require custom tuning. Contact CAPA for more information.

VT-VY LS-1 Plastic & Aluminium Cold Air Intake
11th September, 2009
Includes Plastic Upper Pipe, Aluminium Lower Pipe, Joiners, Clamps, PCV Hose and Pod Filter for a direct fitment in all VT-VY V8 Commodores. Lower Pipe Available in Polished or Black Finish.
Yamaha 2008 Model YFZ450 and Raptor 700R.
29th June, 2009
  • Bikes are Brand New and Blue in Colour.
  • '08 YFZ450 - The ultimate race ready 450-class Sport ATV.
  • '08 Raptor 700R - The most potent, fastest, best handling, most comfortable Raptor ever built.

Yamaha YFZ450

Yamaha Raptor 700R

FG Turbo Exhausts Now Available.
10th June, 2009
  • Ute and Sedan Systems Available
  • 4" System, Turbo Back
  • High Flow Cat
  • Stainless Steel, Polished Finish

MP122, MP1900 & MP2300 Supercharger Kits.
22nd April, 2009

The MP2300 Supercharger Kit is our largest, premium roots type supercharger kit for all 'LS' Engine V8 Commodores.

Magna Charger’s new MP2300 (140 cubic in) supercharger technology is the same used for the new LS9 Corvette. The four-lobe rotor design features a high-twist 160º helix that has improved efficiency (less power to drive), cooler discharge temperatures and is much quieter. Additional efficiency is the result of the unique bypass valve that reduces parasitic losses during normal driving. The Magna Charger also interfaces seamlessly with the GM Active Fuel Management system that cuts the engine to four cylinders at light throttle.

Systems come complete with a new aluminium intake manifold, integral water-to-air intercooler, and all necessary brackets, connectors, hardware and any needed specialized tools. The supercharger has a self-contained lubrication system that is maintenance-free. A full instruction manual with colour photos makes the step-by-step installation process easy to follow.

The potential for real Super Car performance is as easy as bolting on a new MP1900 supercharger. This kit is available for all 'LS' Engine V8 Commodores.

The MP1900 (115 cubic in) supercharger uses the same technology as the MP2300. The Supercharger Kit provides a smaller displacement at a lower price point. This is a comprehensive kit as per the MP2300 supercharger kit.

Provides excellent value for money. Suitable for VT-VY LS-1 & VZ-VE HSV LS-2.

Systems come complete with a new aluminium intake manifold, integral water-to-air intercooler, and all necessary brackets, connectors, hardware and any needed specialized tools. The supercharger has a self-contained lubrication system that is maintenance-free. A full instruction manual with colour photos makes the step-by-step installation process easy to follow.

Available to suit VT-VZ LS-1 & HSV LS-2 Powered Vehicles, the MP112 Supercharger Kit is an entry level kit designed for low boost applications. This is a complete supercharger kit with water to air intercooler. You won’t find an Intercooled Eaton supercharger kit at a lower price for your LS-2.

Product Applications
VT-VY 5.7 Litre V8 (MP112, MP122, MP1900 and MP2300)
VZ LS-1 5.7L (MP112, MP1900 and MP2300)
VZ L76 6.0L (MP1900 and MP2300)
VE 6.0L (MP1900 and MP2300)

HSV Z Series LS-2 6.0L (MP112, MP122, MP1900 and MP2300)
HSV VE 6.0 Litre V8 (MP112 and MP122)
HSV VE 6.2 Litre V8 (MP1900 and MP2300)

M90 Supercharger Special
We also have new Eaton M90 Superchargers suitable for custom supercharger kit installs.

This supercharger is a universal design which can be mounted in any position. Different Snout lengths and pulleys are also available. Contact us for more information.

VE MP1900 Kit

VE MP1900 Kit

VE MP1900 Kit

VE MP1900 Kit

VT-VZ MP1900 Kit

166hp Injectors and New Adaper Looms now available.
17th March, 2009
166hp, High Impedence Injectors have the new style plug. We also have adapters to allow you to use new style injectors on old style plug vehicles.

CAPA Cars - Naturally Aspirated Packages Now Available
17th March, 2009
445kW Naturally Aspirated Packages complete with 427cui Engines are now available.

More information on VE vehicles built by CAPA.

CAPA Supercharged Sportwagon featured in February Motor Magazine
27th February, 2009
A recent comparison of Aussie Tuners, CSV (Equipped with CAPA’s VE Supercharger Kit), Walkinshaw Performance and Herrod Motorsport revealed some interesting results. Even though the Vortech Kit was 70kW down on WP’s kit, it was .1 of a second faster over 0-100km/h (5.0 vs 5.1 seconds) and the Quarter Mile (13.1 vs 13.2 seconds). The CAPA Supercharger kit was also cost less! Imagine if they tested our 500kW kit.

What Motor had to say:

“More consistent than the other two on the less-than-perfect surface, reeling off low-13s time and again. The Walky, meanwhile, only scored the one low-13 from a fluky launch, after a series of mid-13 runs where it just flat-out refused to hook up.”

“The big suprise was that the CSV Sportwagon was the quickest. And since it’s probably a full 70kW down on the Walky, the result raised more than a few eyebrows.”

“WP (Walkinshaw Performance) demands extra attention and ($36K) over CSV. Couldn’t nail the times, though.”

Click Here to read the full article (PDF, 1.5mb).

CAPA Cars - Now Available
18th December, 2008
Complete cars with ADR compliance and your choice of performance options are now available. 22 Inch wheels, Suspension Packages, Supercharger Kits, and Exhausts can be added to the vehicle prior to delivery.

Please contact us for a quote on a complete car today.

Examples of previous cars can be found on the capa cars section of our website.

More information on VE vehicles built by CAPA.

BA-BF Aluminium Surge Tanks Now Available
18th November, 2008
Designed to fit BA-BF XR8/GT and 6cyl Vehicles. Includes Cap, Overflow Outlet Pipe and Factory Bypass Radiator Outlets.

FG XR8/GT Supercharger Kit - Taking orders now
10th October, 2008
Currently in it's final stages of development, CAPA's Supercharger kit for the FG XR8/GT features a sealed Vortech Supercharger driven off a crank drive belt system. The kit will be available in 2 different specifications, a non intercooled and water to air intercooled kit.

Taking orders now, kits are expected to be ready to ship by the first week of November with ADR compliance.

Click Here to view Supercharger Kit Pricing and Specifications.
VE Suspension Package Now Available
17th September, 2008
Designed to lower your car around 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Packages includes lower springs and shocks with special valving.

New Products Now Available
5th September, 2008

L76 Carby Motor
  • 400HP L76 6.0L Crate Engine
  • CAPA Timing Control & Carby Manifold
  • Bolt on a carby, wire up and go.
  • 500hp Option
  • Perfect of Hot Rods & Hi-Tech Streeters.
427 Engine Packages
  • Can be supplied in components or pre-built
  • Pre-built or parts supplied to your specications
  • Can be built to suit VT-VE Commodore/HSV
  • Genuine LS7 Alloy Block
  • Crank and Rods
  • Power starting from 550-600HP
  • Contact us for more info.
7.0 Litre Cranks & Rods
4340, 4” Stroke to Suit LS1 & LS2 Engines. Package Deal. Crankshaft, H Beam 6.125 Rods w/ ARP2000 Bolts, Semi Balanced.

LS3 6.2L Chevrolet Engine Blocks
Genuine GM Parts. Brand New! Limited Quantity Available.

BA-BF Manifold & Twin Throttle Body Kit
Includes Twin 62mm Throttle Body, Top Plenum and Inlet Pipe.

Granatelli Performance Products

We now stock a large range of Granatelli Performance Products for GM and Ford
CAPA At the Clipsal 500
14th March, 2008

Check out FSF's Video of CAPA's Supercharged VE Ute Making 926 Horsepower at the Wheels at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, 2008. Note: Internet Explorer users, you may need to allow blocked content.

CAPA At the Clipsal 500
29th February, 2008
As sponsors of the KPM Holden vs Ford National Dyno Shootout, we were asked to bring our VE SS Ute for demonstration purposes throughout the event. We jumped at the chance to run the car again and on Friday, with 3 runs under our belt, we made 926.4HP at the Wheels. Other Cars with CAPA Supercharger Kits were also entered into the Dyno Competition. With vehicles producing over 325kW.

The CAPA VE Ute created a lot of attention over the weekend. We will be back to top the 1000hp mark at an upcoming event.

The CAPA Stunt Team was also out in force, performing stunts between races

A special thankyou to Dom, Peter and the Boys from Dyno Dynamics for looking after us and the car over the weekend.

CAPA VE Ute Unveiled at Summernats 21
10th January, 2008
We started building our new project car, a VE SS Ute 3 weeks before Summernats. There were many late nights spent building an Engine, Strengthening the Driveline and Developing the Supercharger kit to where it is now.

The engine was stroked to 409 cubic inches, with a one off crank, rods and pistons installed to ensure the engine could withstand over 20psi of boost at 7200rpm. A Custom Camshaft and Ported Big Valve Heads were also used in the build. A custom supercharger kit was developed to allow a V7 YSi Supercharger to be driven off the crank with a 50mm gilmer pulley system. The supercharger kit install includes larger 3.5" pipework and a Custom 200mm thick intercooler with Mondo Bypass Valve mounted behind the front bumper. Exhaust Gasses leave the engine via CAPA 1 7/8" Tri-Y Extractors and a Twin 3" Exhaust.

With all the extra power up front, the drivetrain and brakes had to be upgraded accordingly, with a built T-56 gearbox, Twin Plate Clutch and Full Spool 3.45" installed. Touring Car inspired brakes help bring the Ute to a halt, with 365mm 6 Piston Front and 320mm 4 Piston Rear Brakes sitting behind 22" wheels wrapped in 245mm and 265mm wide rubber. The car sits lower to the ground using Bilstien Coil-overs specifically set up for this ute.

Additional fuel is supplied by an alloy fuel tank, 3 bosch motorsport pumps and a Vortech Super FMU.

Click to Enlarge
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We entered our ute in the Horsepower Heroes dyno competition, and it made 856.6 Horsepower at the wheels. The Ute is capable of producing more power, but we had some unfortunate issues with the Clutch slipping. We will be working with Xtreme to build a more powerful clutch before we run the ute up again, which should see the Ute produce over 1000 Horsepower at the wheels. We also took home the Top Super Tech Trophy, which was awarded to the best Street Car which features New Technology and High Levels of Innovation.

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VE V8 Supercharger Kit ADR Compliance
1st November, 2007
CAPA's 5psi Supercharger Kit for the VE V8 Supercharger Kit now has ADR Compliance. We are waiting for our competitors to catch up! Lets see how long it takes them. This kit makes 395kW at the Flywheel with no tuning required, while retaining the standard exhaust.

Click Here for More Information.

New VS-VY V6 Commodore Vortech Kit Now Available
21st September, 2007
Now available for VS-VY Ecotec V6 Commodores. Available in 3 different specifications. Basic (No Fuel System or Management), 7psi and 9psi.

More information available Here.

VE Cold Air Intake
19th March, 2007
Includes Aluminium Pipework, Silicon Joiners, Clamps, PCV Hose and K&N Pod Filter for a direct fitment in all VE V8 Commodores.

VE 60lb Shorty Injector
5th March, 2007
Shorter injectors suitable for VE Commodores now available. Adaptor Harnesses Required for use on VE Commodores.

Paxton Carby Hat w/Injector Mounts
5th March, 2007
Satin Finish, 3" Inlet. Suitable for Carburetted Vehicles.

DISCONTINUED - Has been replaced by the Vortech / Paxton Power Hats.

Holiday Break Closure - 15th December 2006
27th November, 2006
CAPA will be closed as of the end of trading on the 15th of December and recommence trading on the 9th of January.

Kit orders required for delivery prior to Christmas should be received no later than the 12th of December to allow reasonable time to process, pack and dispatch before we close.

If you have very important correspondence, please don't hesitate to send us a fax. Our fax machine will be periodically checked. We will reply to your email when we return on the 9th of January. Due to the large amount of email we receive, it may take up to 7 working days for us to reply to your email.

Fax (08) 8582 3477
International + 61 8 85823477

CAPA will be at the Summernats from the 4th to the 7th of January, 2007. Be sure to visit us at our stand in the trader’s pavilion, or see us in the Dyno Cell.

We wish all of our valued customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

New Ford Tuning Product Information
20th October, 2006
New products include custom tuning for E series Falcons, as well as our new XCalibrator 2 Tuner for AU-BF Falcons and Territory.

Indy 300 Promotion
19th October, 2006
Visit us at Indy 300 and receive great discounts on Supercharger kits and CAPA's Flash Tuner.

VE 6.0L V8 Supercharger Kit Now Available
5th October, 2006
CAPA's Supercharger Kit for the VE V8 Commodore features a Front Mount Intercooler and Sealed Vortech Supercharger to create 440kW at the flywheel. Our VE Commodore will be on display at Bathurst and Indy for the V8 Supercar Rounds. With improvements to the fuel system and management, we believe this kit is capable of over 500kW.

New Release: VZ & VE Billet Caps
5th October, 2006
'V8 6.0 Litre' Oil and Power Steering Caps for VZ & VE V8 Commodores.

New Plug Type Injectors Now Available
4th September, 2006
New 40lb Injectors are now available. These are typically used on new Holden and Ford Vehicles. The new injectors feature a new plug design (as shown on blue injector in photo).

CAPA BA-BF XR8 / GT Billet Oil Pump Gears
27th June, 2006
Now in Stock, Billet Oil Pump Gears to suit BA-BF XR8/GT Falcons.
EA-EL Falcons - Eliminator Switch Chip, Coming Soon.
27th June, 2006
CAPA's Eliminator Switch Chip is specifically designed for your EA-EL Falcon. Our industry first 4 bank custom chips dramatically IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, FUEL ECONOMY, TORQUE and HORSEPOWER while IMPROVING THROTTLE RESPONSE. Easily switch between custom tune files using our Dial Selector.

Also included is a built in ANTI-THEFT dial selection that disables the PCM!

Easily Switch Between Custom Tune Files Using our Dial Selector!
  • The Eliminator Switch Chips hold up to 4 Custom Tune Files
    With up to 4 custom tune files now you can easily switch between files on the fly! Nitrous, Towing, or multiple octane fuel types, the proper tune file is just a switch away.
  • Multiple Towing Levels
    Switch from your factory tune file to your towing custom tune while driving! No need to stop and shut off your vehicle!
  • Save on Fuel Costs
    Easily switch between different octane tune files to save on fuel costs or switch to a custom fuel economy tune on longer trips!
  • Performance Levels
    Easily switch between factory, towing, or street performance and race performance tune files.

SHM Race Blocks - In Stock
26th April, 2006
SHM blocks are the first aftermarket blocks available for the Ford 5.4L Modular Engine! These blocks are the foundation for SHM's next generation of drag and endurance road racing engines. The blocks are available in bore sizes up to 3.70 inches, to displace 6L (366ci). The block has been designed for motorsport use, in particular for extreme Drag Race and Endurance Road Race competition. Numerous enhancements have been made to tailor the block for the racing enthusiast.

Summernats 19 Review
10th January, 2006
CAPA sponsored the Horsepower Heroes again this year.

One of the event highlights were when TTVXR8, owned by Craig Munro was on the Dyno.  A huge fireball came out from the engine bay and went higher than the dyno cage.  He still managed to win the event, producing a massive 1236.9HP at the Wheels.

Here are some pictures of our cars from the event.
















New Products
16th November, 2005
Brand new six speed gearboxes to suit VY-VZ Commodores.
Holden Six Speed Gearbox, up to 600HP. 
Holden Six Speed Close Ratio Gearbox, up to 800HP.
BA XR6 Turbo Air-Air Intercooler Kit
Direct Replacement for your factory front mount intercooler.
Call for more information.

BA XR8 Air-Air Intercooler Kit
Includes Intercooler, Pipework and Fitting Instructions.
Call for more information.

LS-1 Air-Air Intercooler Kit
Includes Intercooler, Pipework and Fitting Instructions.
Call for more information.

Melbourne AME Show
16th November, 2005
Held at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre, 29th and 30th of October.  Here are some photos of our stand.





VZ V6 Supercharger Kit
11th August, 2005
The new Holden V6 Supercharger kit features Vortech's V-2 Supercharger mounted below the engine covers for a stealth appearance.  The kit is in its final stages of development and will be available for shipping very soon.  Prices have not been set yet, but we're hoping to bring the kit to market in the high $4,000 range.  This kit is non-intercooled and comes with everything required.  A great amount of testing has been done with exhausts and extractors and exhaust products will also be available very soon, including extractors, high flow cats and cat back exhausts.  This V6 configuration is the way of the future making an easy 300kW.  We will continue to develop an intercooler kit and do further engine developments.  Our ambition is to make 1000hp out of this type of engine for our next wow project.  Interest for this kit can be registered now.

Craig's Ute into the 8's
14th June, 2005
Craig From Craig's Automatics breaks into the 8's with an 8.995 @ 148.33 MPH while obtaining his ANDRA License last week.  This makes Craig's Ute the Second Fastest LS1 in Australia Outright, as well as the fastest LS1 with an Australian built engine.

The VU SS Ute currently runs a 346ci standard stroke LS1 with a Vortech T Trim Blower.  Future plans include running a 1500hp+ engine and Vortech V7 YSi Supercharger, making more than double the power of the current setup.  Stay Tuned.

Splits on 3,128lb race weight;
60' 1.281
330' 3.692
660’ 5.714 @ 120.80 MPH
1000’ 7.488
ET 8.995 @ 148.33 MPH

Australia's Fastest XR6 Turbo
31st May, 2005
Congratulations go out to Craig Geeson and the guys at Horsepower Factory, who now have the fastest XR6 Turbo in Australia.  Equipped with CAPA's Flash Tuner, Craig was able to cover the quater mile in 10 seconds on three occasions, with a best time of 10.873 @ 129.31MPH on the night.  

Craig takes out CAPA's incentive for the first flash tuned car to run in the 10's.  Well Done.

LS1 Drag Nationals 2005
30th May, 2005
CAPA powered cars dominated the LS1 Drag Nationals this year, with the fastest times and biggest mph all falling to CAPA supercharged and turbocharged cars. Big hitter was the Craigs Automatics VY ute, managing to blast straight into the 9s with a 9.6 second pass at 143mph recorded in its maiden outing. A phenomenal achievement and a sign of things to come. This car is only going to get quicker, but is already the quickest and fastest LS1 in the country.

Big Shaun Kirkman also demands a special mention. Using a Vortech V7YSi on his super stroked iron block VY SS he was able to record second best overall speed of the meeting with 138mph coming on a 10.9 second pass. Since then he has raised the bar again to 10.44 @ 143mph. An awesome effort for a daily driven street Commodore, and the fastest mph for both a manual equipped and supercharged LS1 in the country. Congratulations Shaun!

Our turbo cars also performed well, with Martins 'Gen-T' demo car running a 12.01 at 121mph on street tyres and in full weighted trim, while Doughys Tonner stopped the clocks at 11.0 with 130mph coming from its Gen-T1000 bigger configuration turbo kit. All in all CAPA had an excellent weekend at the LS1 Drag Nationals, with all our cars competing and coming away with either a personal best or an Aussie record. Well done guys!

LS-1 Drag Nationals This Weekend
21st April, 2005
The Second Annual LS-1 Drag Nationals are to be held at Heathcote Park this weekend.  More information and entry forms can be found on the Heathcote Park Website.  There are seven classes this year, they are:


Test and tune will be held on Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning, with Qualifying and Racing to commence on Saturday Afternoon.
CAPA Drift Website Now Online.
11th February, 2005
CAPA's Drift Website provides information on CAPA's Drift Ute as well as event coverage and details on upcoming events.  Visit the website at: (No Longer Online)
Mallala, The First Chapter.
31st January, 2005
As usual, the team at CAPA were pushed to the limits to try and make the final round of the 2004 drift nationals held at Mallala.  The drift car was a bare shell with wheels when displayed at Summernats, and was shipped to CAPA at Berri for the fit out.  We had just over 2 weeks to fit out the car and have it ready to race.  After a team discussion, we decided to strip the award winning 1022 HP at the wheels crewman of it's driveline and shoehorn it into the drift car.  The guys worked night and day, suspension, engine, wiring and all the normal components were fitted along with all the manufacturing of brackets and components to put the car together.

On Wednesday, Tony called Robbie Bolger and said he didn't think the car would be finished as there was just so much to do, but as usual Robbie wouldn't take no for an answer, offering to bring half of Queensland down to help.  After explaining that only a certain amount of people could physically fit in and underneath the car, we kept the pressure on and hoped for the best.

The car was together by Friday morning with just a tune up to go.  Unfortunately we were unable to bolt the supercharger to the engine because the new front wheel arches got in the way, we had no other choice but to tune the car and hope for enough power.  The tune of the engine saw nearly 500 horsepower at the wheels normally aspirated (That Vortech Supercharger really did work).  Once finished at the dyno we finalised a few things on the car ready for practice on Saturday.  Robby looked a bit nervous on Friday afternoon, as Saturday would be his first opportunity to drive the car.

Saturday, 6 A.M. out of bed and off to the track with practice time on the track vital for Robbie to familiarise himself with the car.  By 10.00 he was out on the track and after spinning multiple times on the first three laps he come back in, and in his gruff Irish accent said "Geesus c..t, we're f..kin nowhere here".  It was all hands on deck trying to get springs, shockers and steering geometry together.  Saturday was a hard day for all, we made steady progress through the day and by Saturday afternoon we were all feeling better about the car.  Robbie finished 10th in qualifying and we all went home to ponder about race day.

Sunday morning came and it was back to the track for some more practice time.  Watching Robbie go around the track was quite delightful, it was like the sleep had transformed him into part of the car, he looked great out there.  Some would say we were very ambitious going to the final round against Australia's best with our goal of being in the top 5.  It all came together and we finished 4th for the day, we all patted each other on the back and headed off home.  After learning so much over the weekend there is a lot of work to be done on the car still and we cant wait for the first round of the 2005 series.










Summernats 18 Newsflash.
11th January, 2005
CAPA Performance, the major sponsors of the horsepower heroes at the Summernats, achieved the year long task of producing a vehicle with over 1000 rear wheel horsepower. The CAPA Crewman produced 1022 horsepower on the dyno, this conservatively equates to over 1185 horsepower at the engine. This makes the CAPA Crewman the most powerful LS-1 road driven car in Australia, possibly the world.  We are also happy to report that the CAPA Crewman returned 13.2 Litres per 100km fuel economy on it's 1000km journey to Canberra.

A big thanks to Peter Haylock (Plan B) for his help over the weekend and also making his CAPA Turbo Ute Available, ripping 491HP at the rear wheels, showing how smooth and reliable the Turbo Kit really is.

Also making it's first appearance was the all new CAPA drift ute, carrying CAPA's new colours.  The car is set to make it's debut on the race track at Mallala on the 29th of January.  The CAPA stunt team (previously the donut king stunt team) put on a sensational show this year at the Summernats.

CAPA would also like to congratulate Eddy Tassone for his win of the Horsepower Heroes, making 1259.6 horsepower at the rear wheels.

On a last note CAPA had a great weekend with Robbie Bolger showing his skills of drifting in the CAPA Crewman on the Today Show.  The Sunday Times and The Canberra Times ran a story explaining how a spur of the moment suggestion from Robbie Bolger that the scheduled burn of the Mr Whippy van wasn't enough and burning Lawrence the Legend's Double Decker Bus was the way to go.  Robbie put it to the crowd and the crowd went wild.  Unfortunately time didn't permit, as Chic Henry's time schedule was very tight.

What a great start to the year.







CAPA's LS-1 Turbo Kit, Now Available
31st December, 2004
Now available for the LS-1, CAPA's Single Turbo Kit.  

Why Turbocharge your LS-1?  CAPA's testing to date has shown that a single turbo system gives LS-1 owners greater low down boost and torque than any positive displacement LS-1 kit that we have tested to date.  


CAPA Flash Tuner, Taking Orders Now
3rd December, 2004
More information including vehicle applications, features, software and pricing is now available on our website.

Update:  The Flash Tuner is so easy to use, a few simple steps is all it takes to load a new program into a vehicle.   Click on the link below to get a head start familiarising the process of loading a program into a vehicle.
Melbourne Holden and Ford Show
24th November, 2004
What a big couple of weeks it has been. In two weeks we put the Crewman and BA Ute together after getting the cars back from Indy we were into it flat out. Literally bolting parts up out of UPS boxes as we went. We were a little unlucky with the BA with a Fuel Pump Failure at the dyno, a one in a million occurrence. We were heading for a good figure but we have to be satisfied with 625hp at the wheels, which still makes it the most powerful BA in Australia.

The Crewman really shone the light, making the Awesome 958hp at the rear wheels, shooting it to the ranks of the most powerful LS-1 in Australia. Dyno Dynamics were there to legitify the test and check procedures, they told us that the dyno software had been recalibrated to gain more accuracy for high horsepower vehicles, which means the dyno reads approximately 9% less than previously. This means that if we ran the Crewman at the Sydney Holden and Ford Show a few months ago the dyno would have read over 1000hp at the wheels. My goal is to get to that magic 1000 hp number. We had a great time and I feel that we have achieved a great amount. Building a car in two weeks, driving it 700km to the show, making 958hp at the wheels and driving it home again is totally awesome.

Getting ready for the weekend coming up, the Springnats at Shepparton is on, they haven't got a dyno at the event this year, but I'm sure Bolger will get in the car and torture some tyres off the rims. The jet van will be there and it should be a great weekend.

I have to say a big thanks to my staff who put in a big effort to get these cars to the show even working all night from Thursday night to Friday morning so that the car was ready for me to drive to Melbourne. Thanks Guys.

We released the Ford power tuner at the show, an awesome product giving everyone the ability to tune their BA Falcon. We also released our new Turbo Kit for the LS-1.

LS-1 Turbo Kit
Complete Bolt-On Turbo Kit with Front Mount Intercooler, Manifolds, Wastegate, Fuel System and Management.  The LS-1 Turbo kit brings power output up to 400kW at the Flywheel at 7psi.



CAPA Flash Tuner
28th October, 2004
CAPA is proud to present the new BA tuning software solution, FLASH TUNER. FLASH TUNER was developed with the assistance of SCT in America for the total BA range from the standard 6 cylinder to the Turbo up to Re-engineered 2 bar map programming for forced induction XR8's. The system consists of a cable and control box to facilitate program loading stored in the hardware box. The box may also be connected to a laptop for adjustments and tuning. The process of loading a new program consist of connecting to the OBDII port where the hardware sucks the original program from the ECU, stores it and then loads the modified program into the ECU. The plug is then disconnected and stored if the ECU needs to be returned to standard, the car is now ready to drive. In the future CAPA will develop software and cam packages as well as software and exhaust packages for all of the Ford models. CAPA FLASH TUNER, NO BOUNDRIES.

Contact CAPA for High Resolution images.  

CAPA at the Indy 300
27th October, 2004
This year's Indy 300 was a great success, with over fifty thousand people coming to watch the event on the first day.  Although it rained on Wednesday the weather cleared up by Thursday for a hot and sunny four days of racing.  Our Territory was fitted with 20 inch wheels and a brake package incorporating 380mm rotors up front to cope with the extra power being produced by it's blown V8 motor.  One of the highlights of the event for us was taking the Crewman onto the track for a few hot laps, videos to be available for download on our website soon.




CAPA Crewman Does Bathurst
11th October 2004
In Car Video Clips are available on the LS1 Australia Forums.  Preview stills of the videos are shown below.
CAPA Drift Cars Feature in October Street Machine Magazine
5th October 2004
Check out the latest Street Machine, featuring CAPA's drift Crewman and Falcon Ute.  "Drift is possibly the fastest form of Motorsport in Australia right now and it's just just about to be run over by a pair of hulking great Aussie V8 utes - one Holden Crewman, one Ford XR8.  With a combined rear-wheel power output in excess of 1200hp..."

Click Here to Download the Article in Adobe Acrobat format.

Fastest Territory in the World
13th September 2004
I headed off Friday for what was going to be a jam packed weekend starting at Heathcote Saturday morning, a photo shoot, Sandown 500 on Sunday, back to Heathcote on Sunday night and Home by the early hours of Monday morning.  Saturday morning at Heathcote looked pretty dismal and poor old Russel, the owner of Heathcote raceway managed to get the track dry perfectly twice before a shower of rain would drench it again.  No one got to run a single car so we all sat around a fire and kept ourselves warm.  Somewhat disappointed in not having the opportunity of timing the Territory, I left the raceway and in terrible conditions went off with a photographer to do a photo shoot.  We ended up on a boat ramp in a reservoir which believe it or not was about 7% of capacity, it was pretty dismal but nether the less a good place to take a photo.  After the photo shoot, late Saturday afternoon I headed off to Melbourne.  Sunday morning came and the weather didn't look much better as we headed off to Sandown.  Placing the Territory on display, Ford was nice enough to detail the vehicle for us.  The biggest problem they had was pushing everyone out of the way to get to it done.

During the course of the day I touched base with Russel, he let me know they had a great test and tune day at Heathcote.  He suggested that if we got back at a reasonable time he would let me run the Territory down the strip.  I left Sandown and headed back to Heathcote.  By the time we got there it was 6 o'clock at night and we lined it up and ran it down the quater three times back to back.  We didn't have a chance to change tyres or play with gear shifts to get an optimal time.  I selected D for drive, staged it, hit the accelerator and went for it.  On the second run, it was a bit unfortunate that I got off the gas a little early but the car was consistent as hell running close to a flat 13 at 113mph.  I am pretty confident that the bus could do close to a mid 12 quite comfortably, pretty good considering the thing weighs 2 tonne and only has our stage 2 8psi kit fitted, I was pretty wrapped.  My appreciation goes out to Russel who went out of his way, I tip my hat to him and all the guys that stayed behind at Heathcote raceway.  I helped the guys pack up and headed off on the 600km journey home, getting home very tired at 1 o'clock Monday morning.  A big day for little me but a great weekend.



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Pulley Alignment Tool
13th September 2004
This tool quickly identifies the two most common types of pulley misalignment – offset and angular – that cause premature failure of a serpentine belt and produce unwanted noise.  By simply positioning the tool within the grooves of a pulley and aiming its bright laser beam at an opposite pulley, a single technician, within minutes, can easily measure alignment to less than 1/2 degree on the entire drive system.

The battery-operated tool is compatible with all serpentine belt drives. The lightweight and easy-to-use patented tool includes special laser enhancement eyeglasses for easier viewing in all light conditions, a high-impact resistant plastic case and a user’s manual.  

Sydney Holden and Ford Show Review
24th August, 2004
Round five of the Holden and Ford Show was held at Sydney Olympic Park, with hundreds of cars competing at the event.  The dyno was running hot all weekend, with our Crewman making 688 horsepower at the wheels.  The weekend was quite exciting with some controversy with the twin turbo APS car and the CAPA Crewman.  The famous Robbie Bolger wanted to get to the bottom of it so he offered the crewman to a fuel test to prove that the car was running on premium unleaded.  Funnily enough the APS car didn't get a fuel test but judging by the flames coming  out of the tail pipe on deceleration, we didn't really need it.  We were quite proud that the car performed well with just a t-trim an an 8-rib fuel system.  We can't wait to slam a V7 on it and see what happens, maybe next show.

The CAPA 'Terror-tory' made its debut with it's supercharged, 5.4 Litre V8 engine producing 400kW and with its new low ride look, it was really something to see.  We were disappointed that we ran out of time, with the 22 inch wheels and big brakes still to come.  Tony said it was a strange thing to drive, performing and handling like an XR8, but in a 4WD spacious cabin sitting a lounge chair.  It took a bit of getting used to, and summed up to be a great driving experience.  To our knowledge this is the only V8 powered Territory in existence.

Our thanks go out to Craig for the preparation of the drag car which is coming along very nicely.  We are all excited to see how the car will go in the near future.  A 1000HP Supercharged engine should do the trick.

Check out Robbie, proud as punch with his Crewman.

Scroll down to see photos of the show.

















CAPA Drift Crewman Debuts at Mallala
6th August, 2004
While the chassis work on our full house drift ute is being completed, we decided to let Aussie drift master Robbie Bolger loose in our 500rwkw supercharged Crewman.  The venue was Mallala Raceway in South Australia, and the event was an official drift practice day with over 50 cars in attendance.  Robbie certainly made his presence known swinging the big 'Crewie' around in spectacular fashion, and making short work of a set of 20 inch rear tyres.  After this first taste of drift, all on our team are hungry for some more action...stay tuned.


Billet Aluminium Caps now available for the BA XR8
21st July, 2004
Oil, Surge Tank and Power Steering Caps are now available for the BA XR8.

LS-1 FAST Manifolds and Throttle Bodies
21st July, 2004
The new FAST throttle bodies are available in 78mm & 90mm configurations and were designed for the new LSX intake manifold.  The New fast LSX Intake Manifold is made from space-age polymer plastic, the multi-piece component intake manifold shows a 20 horsepower increase on the LS1 engine.

SHM Products
21st July, 2004
The SHM section of the website is now live, with performance products to suit the Ford 4.6 and 5.4 litre engines.

New Haltech E6GMX Coming Soon
21st July, 2004

CAPA  Supercharged XR8 wins JAZMAC dyno competition
29th June, 2004
Our daily driven work hack, a CAPA supercharged XR8 took the honours at the Jazmac Dyno Day, held on Saturday the 26th of June.  Facing stiff competition from the largest ever field assembled for a dyno competition in South Australia, it took only 10psi of Vortech boost to take first place outright with 371rwkw.  That figure was over 100rwkw in front of our nearest competitor.

SHM 6 Litre Race Block
10th June, 2004
SHM is unveiling the first aftermarket blocks available for the Ford 5.4L Modular Engine!  The blocks are available in bore sizes up to 3.70 inches, to displace 6L (366ci). The block has been designed for Motorsport use, in particular for extreme Drag Race and Endurance Road Race competition. Numerous enhancements have been made to tailor the block for the racing enthusiast.

Crewman Fuel Tank, Now Available 
22nd April, 2004
Have you ever wanted to lower your Crewman, Cross8 or Adventra?  Be aware that lowering the rear axle will bring the tailshaft in contact with the fuel tank, being plastic it doesn't take long to wear through.  Our new aluminium fuel tank sits higher off the ground than the factory unit, allowing you to lower your car by more than 3 inches.  

LS-1 Drag Nationals
22nd April, 2004
Here are some pictures taken at the LS-1 Nationals at Heathcote last weekend.  Official results coming soon.









LS-1 Nationals this Weekend.
16th April, 2004
The Inaugural LS1 Drag Nationals will be held this weekend, the 16th and 17th of April 2004, at Heathcote Raceway.  This is the first event of its kind for the LS1 community and promises to have a good turnout of LS1 enthusiasts from all over Australia competing for trophies and prize money! 

Be sure to check out Donut King's Rocket Powered Delivery Van, as well as our own Supercharged Crewman.
Robbie the Rocket Powered Delivery Van Pilot came to visit CAPA, and during his short stay he really did rock our world.  After the local police told Robbie it wasn't a good idea to do donuts in our car park, Tony made him go out the front and sweep up the rubber.  Check out the photos below.






New Products added to the website.
23rd March, 2004
  • LS-1 1 3/4" Headers (4 into 1) now available in Mild Steel
  • Supercharged Engine Components for Ford BA 6 Cyl. and Holden V6
  • Suspension Components for Holden, Ford, Subaru, Nissan and More
  • Noise Reducer for Vortech Race Blow Off Valves
  • Genuine Holden and HSV Badges, Wheels, Bodykits and Accessories
Vortech Super Mondo Blow-Off Valve and Super FMU
13th February 2004
Now available from CAPA, Vortech's Super Mondo Blow-Off Valve is the largest Blow-Off valve available from Vortech.  Designed for large displacement, high horsepower engines, this valve is able to flow over 1300cfm at 10psi.  A clamp seal is included for easy installation.  Steel and aluminium flanges are also available.
Vortech's Super Fuel Management Unit (Super FMU) us a tuner's dream.  It permits complete tailoring of the fuel pressure curve relative to manifold pressure, including upper and lower limits.  The unit can also be used to adjust static pressure.  Features include four pre-calibrated gain ratios: 7:1, 5:1, 3.25:1 and 2.5:1.
New LS-1 Accessories now available
13th February 2004
Have a look in the LS-1 accessories section of our website for pictures of Luminous VY SS Gauges, Custom Aluminium Oil Filler Caps and the new design LS-1 Short Shifter.
Holden Monaro and CAPA Coupe in the UK
13th February 2004
Top gear magazine in the UK reviews the Holden Monaro and runs a 440HP CAPA Coupe up against a Supercharged Jaguar XKR.  Have a look at the action below, you may need DivX on your computer to view the movies.
BA Throttle Body Now Available
14th January 2004
This 80mm throttle body has been manufactured from CNC Billet Aluminium and comes complete with Bearings, Butterfly, Locktite and Instructions.  

Fitting time is approximately 1 hour.

Summernats 17 Review
14th January 2004
CAPA sponsored the Dyno Shootout at this year's Summernats 17.  There were heaps of Supercharged cars on our stand this year, including Street Commodore's cover car KORUPTA and feature car MR CV8, as well as a wild Supercharged V8 four wheel drive.  We also showcased our latest release Ford BA Supercharger Kits and XR6 Turbo Upgrade Package.  The grandstands in the dyno cell were packed to see best and most powerful cars we have ever seen competing at Summernats.  

The Horsepower Hero Shootout Record was smashed again this year, with Brett Wayne's Twin Turbo VH Commodore producing 1470 HP on an exhibition run.  Although Turbocharged, it still featured many of our forced induction accessories such as SX Regulators and Vortech Mondo Blow-off valves.  The sponsor and trader exhibition class was taken out by Peter Kalbfell's CAPA R-440 Supercharged Ute with 482 HP.  A close second went to Paul Murphy's Supercharged Blue AU XR8 which produced 422 HP.


















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