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Petrol Turbo Kits

Patrol Kit Engine

Patrol Kit Layout
Nissan Patrol Turbo Kit Price List
  • The 4.8lt Nissan Patrol Turbo kit is a straight fit and complete forced induction solution that gives massive power and torque gains to the standard Nissan Patrol 4.8lt without compromising durability.

  • The Turbo kits use the latest technology in Turbocharger design and manufacturing to ensure both optimum power, torque and consistent durability over the lifetime of your vehicle.

  • Countless hours of research and development have by our experienced team have given us an unmatched Turbo system for the 4.8lt Nissan Patrol.

  • The Turbo kit is capable of making 250rwkw at 5700rpm and only 8psi of boost . With engine modifications the Turbo kit really shines with 350rwkw at 14psi making the Nissan Patrol a real power house .

  • The kit was designed for sand drags in the Dubai Desert and is proving to be unbeatable with only a few meeting under its belt. The Turbo kit is available in few different combinations depending on your needs.

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