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Home > Supercharger Kits > Chevrolet / GM Supercharger Kits > 2008 3.7L Hummer H3 I5 Vortech Kits

Chevrolet / GM Supercharger Kits

2008 3.7L Hummer H3 I5 Vortech Supercharger Kits

  • 3.33" driven pulley
  • Basic Kit, Fuel System Required.
  • Tuning Required, please contact CAPA for more information. Base tune file available.
  • Air inlet assembly features a molded air inlet cover with Vortech logo and large diameter MAF housing
  • Stainless steel replacement engine coolant pipe
  • Billet aluminum supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes idler, drive belt and all hardware
  • Air/water charge cooler system. Charge cooler assembly includes:
    • Welded aluminum charge cooler core with discharge tubes, Bosch compressor bypass valve, silicone elbow, sleeves and stainless steel clamps
    • All necessary tubes, hoses, clamps and plumbing
    • Compact water circulation pump for closed loop cooling
    • Highly effective water cooler
  • Supercharger kit installation time is rated at 11-13 hours.
  • NOTE: Transmission shift kit upgrade is strongly recommended for satisfactory transmission life
Installation Manual:
Hummer H3 I-5 - 2006-2008

Part  Descripton  Boost Power Retail
Number       (Flywheel) (Inc. GST)
2008 3.7L Hummer H3 I5, V-3 SCI-Trim, Charge Cooled, Satin **TUNER KIT**      $8189.00
NOTE: Tuner Kits Require Fuel System and Tuning for a Complete Installation.  
Fuel System         
60lb Injectors and Adapters        $639.00

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