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Home> Supercharger Kits > Holden Supercharger Kits > VE V8 Vortech Supercharger Kits

VE V8 Vortech Supercharger Kits


Suitable for all VE V8 Commodores.

Rated Horsepower of Kit: 440kW+


Increase the power of your VE V8 Commodore from 260-270kW (standard) to 440kW supercharged (500kW with our Ti-Trim kit).

Our VE V8 Vortech supercharger kits are our flagship kits. They are easy to fit, with all parts required and fitting instructions included for a complete installation. The kit looks great with silicon hose and powdercoated pipework used throughout. A reverse rotation supercharger with the inlet facing the front of the vehicle improves intake and discharge pipe routing over our VT-VZ kits. This is the best value for money supercharger kit for your Commodore bar none.
  • Complete supercharger kit including air to air intercooler.
  • Centrifugal supercharger for a linear power curve.
  • ADR compliance available. Contact us for more information.
  • Reverse rotation Vortech supercharger runs inline with the factory belt system for quick and easy installation.
  • Sealed supercharger also speeds up installation.
  • No cutting or drilling of vehicle required.
Parts Included:
  • Vortech sealed V-3 Si-Trim supercharger, reverse rotation (7psi kit)
  • Aluminium laser cut bracket kit
  • 6-rib accessory drive
  • Pod filter
  • Front mount intercooler & pipework
  • Bypass / blowoff valve
  • 731cc fuel injectors (7psi & 9psi kits)
  • 2 bar or 2.7 bar map sensor (7psi & 9psi kits)
Installation Manual:
VE LS V8 Commodore

VE-VF front mount intercooler

VE V8 Vortech kit


Difficulty - Intermediate:

General mechanical ability required for the installation of this product (all kits).

Install Time:

Supercharger kit - 8 hours

Tools Required:

Basic hand tools
Vehicle tuning software.



Part  Descripton  Boost Power Retail
Number       (Flywheel) (Inc. GST)
Engine Belt Drive, Available for all VE V8 Commodores, Including HSV Models    
Supercharger Kits
VE V8 Vortech Sealed Si-Trim Tuner Kit, Intercooled
(No Fuel System)
~ ~ $8529.00
VE V8 Vortech Sealed Si-Trim Kit, Intercooled
(Inc. Injectors & Map Sensor)
7psi  440kW  $9399.00
VE V8 Vortech Oil Feed & Drain Ti-Trim Kit, Intercooled
(Inc. Injectors & Map Sensor)
9psi  500kW  $10329.00
NOTE: Vehicle Tuning Required in all Supercharger Kits (Not Included).
Kit Upgrades
Upgrade to Oil Feed and Drain (Must be purchased with kit)   $720.00
100mm Intercooler and Vortech Race Bypass Valve Upgrade (Must be purchased with kit)   $1459.00
Overdrive Balancer & Balancer Pin Kit (High Boost applications) $859.00
VE LS Vortech 8-Rib Upgrade, Standard Diameter Balancer (Must be purchased with kit)   $1990.00
VE LS Vortech 8-Rib Upgrade, 10% Overdrive Balancer (Must be purchased with kit)   $2010.00
Fuel System & Electronics
VE In Tank Fuel Pump Module - 520rwkW rated (VE Series 1 & 2 Only) $1149.00
Fuel Injectors, 550cc 3/4 Length Bosch, USCAR Connector (LS2) $800.00
Fuel Injectors, 731cc Short Bosch, USCAR Connector (L76/L77/L98/LS3) $800.00
MAP Sensor, 2 Bar (Suit Early VE V8) $119.00
MAP Sensor, 2.7 Bar (Suit Late VE V8 On) $119.00
Kit Components
VE V8 Vortech - Basic Blower / Bracket / Pulley Setup  $6139.00
VE V8 Vortech - Intercooler Assembly (inc. Washer Bottle) $2209.00
VE V8 Vortech - Complete Kit Less Supercharger Assembly $3639.00
Race Supercharger Kits     
VE-VF V8 Vortech V-7 YSi Intercooled Tuner Kit
(Gilmer Crank Drive w/ Jackshaft, No Fuel System) 
14-20psi  1000kW+ $POA

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